Who is Hyun?

Having moved around quite a bit, discovering new things and looking for new experiences has become core to who I am. I was born in Kansas to Korean immigrant parents, a bio-chemist and a nurse. We moved from Kansas, to North Carolina, to Texas and finally settled in New Jersey where I had my formative years and where my parents still live today.

I spend quite a bit of time looking for new music, doodling on my analog synths, sketching on paper with my fineliner pen, or djing for friends. I’ve been exploring Los Angeles a lot more on bicycle these days and love learning about new cultural foods. Now that the gyms are open I’ll be leveling up again on my bouldering skills.

Friends and coworkers might describe me as thoughtful, funny, full of useful analogies, and a little bit weird. I’m always interested in hearing about new opportunities. Reach out, let’s chat!


Hyun Kim