Hyun S Kim



Hi, I’m Hyun! *

Whether I’m drawing, programming, or making music the end goal is always design and creation. Art and technology have always been avenues for creation to me, and skills that I have fostered in tandem. My experiences practicing both have helped me develop a capability to apply both divergent and logical modes of thought.


* My name is pretty much pronounced like it's spelled, /hyun/. Maybe this helps: "-hy as in the first half syllable of Hugh, -u as in bun". No? Ok you can call me /hun/


I’m a Designer that...

cactus lines_telescope 2.png

seeks novelty, enjoys new experiences and pondering possibilities

constantly seeks new music that peaks my curiosity or sparks frisson

cactus lines_cactus 2.png

has a dry sense of humor and loves thinking of awkward hypothetical social situations

makes ambient electronic music as a hobby